Chemistry System

Chemistry System – Latest Version

Adding a trait allows you to add any personality trait for your sims to like or dislike! The number on the right shows how much it affects their feelings towards another sim.

The rest of the options are self-explanatory.

In Live Mode, when meeting other sims, if your sim feels something, they’ll let you know.
Their mood will also change depending on who they’re around with.

This page is where the latest version of the mod lives. You can link to this page instead of having to change links for each update.

This mod requires Scumbumbo’s XML Injector to be installed!  

Download version 9d (SimFileShare)

Release Notes


I’ve been working on updating the Chemistry System to be up to date. It is now up to date to 1.69. Previously, adding skill preferences broke the game.
All critical bugs regarding adding preferences have been fixed along with some code cleanup to make maintaining the mod easier.

The translations have been updated too.


  • Yuki – French Translation
  • Esquire Dumper – Russian Translation
  • Miaow_CC – Chinese Translation
  • Ayrthwil – Portuguese Translation
  • mqkry – Polish Translation


Thanks to these patrons for helping me keep modding!

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Interactions from the Past

Vote on allowing Interactions from the Past objects to be downloaded separately!

Hey guys, I have a poll! Vote on whether you think allowing you to download objects from Interactions from the Past separately, so you can pick and choose what objects to put in your game.


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I’ve decided to return to modding after a break. Thanks everybody!


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