Color Sliders – Updated for Patch 1.73 – Download

A mod for recoloring clothes, hairs and more for The Sims 4.

Currently compatible with Patch 1.73! Last updated on May 7, 2021.

(5/7/2021 – Please redownload Base Game Bottom 0 package if you’re having problems with WW compatibility.)

(4/29/2021 – Download the packages under Updated Textures for Patches for the updates and new hairs in this patch.)

(4/28/2021 – Updated the UI file for Patch 1.73. Please remove the old ui file before updating.)

(3/29/2021 – Updated textures for several items. The Yukata from Snowy Escape and new base game hairs and clothes from the anniversary update are now recolorable, and updated hairs no longer have incorrect textures. Download the packages under Updated Textures for Patches to fix or update textures. Currently, there’s only one package in this section. Throwback Fit Kit has been added.)

(3/24/2021 – Updated for Patch 1.72! Please remove the old Color Sliders UI package file and put the new one in your mods folder.)

(2/27/2021 – Fixed 24 missing files. Please redownload these if you were affected!)

  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP04_Bottom.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP08_Bottom 1.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP09_Bottom.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP02_Bottom.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP03_Bottom.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP09_Bottom.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_SP07_Bottom.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_SP13_Bottom.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_BG_FullBody 0.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP03_FullBody 2.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP05_FullBody 2.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP09_FullBody 0.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP10_FullBody 1.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP04_FullBody.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP09_FullBody 0.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_SP14_FullBody.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP08_Hair 0.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP09_Hair 1.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP02_Hair.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP08_Hair.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_SP05_Hair.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_SP11_Hair.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP02_Shoes.package
  • thepancake1_ColorSliders_GP07_Top.package

For those updating, you only need to redownload “thepancake1-ColorSlidersUI.package”, please don’t redownload the pack packages.

A converter will be made for CC at a later date.

Have a question? Check if it’s answered here in this post first!

How do I install this?

Start by downloading the Color Sliders UI Package! This is needed to display the sliders.

thepancake1-ColorSlidersUI.package Download

Then if you use EA’s clothes, hair, etc. you need to download the converted texture .packages below.

For example, if you only plan to use sliders on hair then you only need to download from the hair packages and download from the packs you own.

Download the packages under Updated Textures for Patches to fix or update textures. Currently, there’s only one package in this section.

It is recommended that you make a dedicated folder for this mod to keep track of the files. 

If there are multiple packages per category, then that means you have to download all of them first before it works properly.

Base Game – BG
Get to Work – EP01
Get Together – EP02
City Living – EP03
Cats and Dogs – EP04
Seasons – EP05
Get Famous – EP06
Island Living – EP07
Discover University – EP08
Eco Lifestyle – EP09
Snowy Escape – EP10
Holiday Celebration – FP01
Outdoor Retreat – GP01
Spa Day – GP02
Dine Out – GP03
Vampires – GP04
Parenthood – GP05
Jungle Adventure – GP06
Strangerville – GP07
Realm of Magic – GP08
Star Wars: Journey to Batuu – GP09
Luxury Party Stuff – SP01
Perfect Patio Stuff – SP02
Cool Kitchen Stuff – SP03
Spooky Stuff – SP04
Movie Hangout Stuff – SP05
Romantic Garden Stuff – SP06
Kids Room Stuff – SP07
Backyard Stuff – SP08
Vintage Glamour Stuff – SP09
Bowling Night Stuff – SP10
Fitness Stuff – SP11
Toddler Stuff – SP12
Laundry Day Stuff – SP13
My First Pet Stuff – SP14
Moschino Stuff – SP15
Tiny Living Stuff – SP16
Nifty Knitting Stuff – SP17
Paranormal Stuff – SP18
Throwback Fit Kit – SP20


  1. List of downloads not working for me

    Basegame – Full Body Outfit – package 0

    Pets – Bottoms – full package

    Seasons – Full Body – Package 2

    1. formatting didn’t save. Here is more clear which ones are broken. (Base game- full body-package 0) (Pets-Bottoms-Full Package) (Season-Full Body-Package 2)

  2. Hello! Thank you for this mod, you are wonderful! I wanted to let you know the Discover University Hair package 0 is broken.

  3. It is Feb 25 2021
    Here are the links that I fund that are not working:
    Base Game Full body 0
    City Living Full body 2
    Cats & Dogs Bottoms
    Seasons Full body 2
    Discover Uni Bottom 1 & Hair 0
    Eco Life… Bottom, Full body 0, Hair 1
    Snowy Escape Full body 1
    Vampire Full body
    Strangerville Tops
    Realm of Magic Hairs
    Movie Hangout Hairs
    Kis Room Bottoms

  4. Hello! 🙂
    First of all well done dreaming and makeing this content to be real. Keep up the good work! And the main reason i leave a reply to let you know there r some issues which i experienced:
    * Snowy Escape – EP10 Full Body Outfits Package 1 download link doesn’t working -or at least for me- and an error msg came with it {“code”: “not_found”, “message”: “File with such name does not exist.”, “status”: 404}
    * thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP04_FullBody 1.package empty just 100 byte and when i opened it with s4studio there was nothing in it.
    Big hugs to you,
    Trillian ♥

  5. This is me Trillian again, I checked the google drive download link too and it was working there, I was able to download the thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP10_FullBody 1.package from there.

    1. It’s designed like this so if the download fails, you can easily pick up where you left off. If it was just one huge gigabyte file per pack, a lot of internet connections wouldn’t be able to handle it.

  6. Thank you so much for making this! I really appreciate all your hard work! This adds so much to my game and lets me create more dynamic and unique characters! You’re the best!!!

  7. I’m just asking because I don’t see them listed in these; but, do these sliders have rings, necklaces and the accessories included in them?

  8. Hi, Color Wheel\FullBody\thepancake1_ColorSliders_EP04_FullBody 1.package is coming up as corrupted.

  9. Hi, since the most recent update I can’t open any swatches in game while the color slider folder is in my mods folder.

  10. Can I just confirm that everything on the google drive link has the exact same downloads? I ask because I have every single Sims 4 expansion, game and stuff pack, EXCEPT these 3 new ‘kit’ games (‘throwback fit kit’, ‘country kitchen kit’, and ‘bust the dust kit’) so if the google drive link has everything I need, then perhaps that would be much quicker for me to use?

  11. Is it possible for you to just upload a merged file for each expansion pack along side these links? Maybe a merged file for just hair, just clothes, and then one for everything. I’ve been looking into downloading this mod for a long time but having to download and organize so many files is kinda discouraging honestly.

  12. I downloaded the Color Sliders UI Package and all the ones for the base game, but when I went to start my game the sims wouldn’t open, and after looking at the files it said that they were 0 KB, and the files on google drive were empty. What can I do so that it downloads with something actually there?

  13. I totally understand what you’re saying about the downloads and why you didn’t make it one big one, but I just can’t sit here and download that many files. It’s insane.

  14. I downloaded the latest update of this mod(24/3/21 sims update) and when _thepancake1-ColorSlidersUI-v1b.package is in my mods folder my game won’t open and comes up with this error message:

    Cannot start because the below file appears to be corrupted. If this file is a Mod please remove it and try again. If not, please repair or reinstall the game via Origin.

    /Users/C.G.F/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/._thepancake1-ColorSlidersUI-v1b.package


  15. Hey I think the mod needs to be patched after this most recent update. My build/buy was broken after the update but once I took out this mod build/buy was working fine again.

  16. I’ve installed the hair files for the packs I have and whenever I try to open my game it keeps saying the files are corrupted. What should I do?

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