Vote on allowing Interactions from the Past objects to be downloaded separately!

Hey guys, I have a poll! Vote on whether you think allowing you to download objects from Interactions from the Past separately, so you can pick and choose what objects to put in your game.


  1. Hey Pancake! I’m loving your converted interactions mod and I’ve seen a bunch of really cool stuff that I’m assuming you were thinking of adding! My favourite interaction is the Sims 2 makeout animation on the sofa! I’m just wondering if you will be going ahead with this project at all as I’m absolutely OBSESSED! Your YouTube channel shows so many cool things you work on but understandably I know the pressure took it’s toll and you had a hiatus for quite some time… The interactions mod didn’t get much coverage so I understand if you’ve stopped but just thought I’d throw the question out there just in case as I think it’s a truly amazing mod that offers so much more gameplay! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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